UDH Services, Inc.  of Massachusetts provides assistance to students from low income families who are eager to obtain their bachelor’s degree at a university. UDH will also ensure that students have access to a proper education by providing them with the school supplies and financial assistance required  to achieve their goals.
UDH believes that students are the future leaders of the country and invests accordingly.  Since February 2010, UDH has supported the University Notre Dame of Haiti (UNDH) in their annual trip to Harvard University for the Model United Nations Leaders conference. Haitian Americans and other friends joined together to make it possible for these students to participate. Friends of this organization have the option to get involved by doing the following:

  • Sponsor a Student coming to participate in the Harvard University model United Nations debate
  • Sponsor a Student attending a University who is facing financial hardship
  • Sponsor our radio Health Education talk show
  • Attend one of our fundraising events


General Goals & activities:

  • To increase sponsorship
  • To hold a series of fundraising events throughout the year
  • To build connections with other Haitian Diasporas and friends to join this organization


Future Goals & Visions

  • To create an exchange student program to study abroad in the states
  • To expand the organization beyond UNDH to other colleges and universities throughout Haiti
  • To create scholarship funds
  • To connect with Boston Universities and colleges to participate in Haitian Study Abroad program as host schools