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jean-baptisteMarie Louise Jean Baptiste, M.D. FACP

Primary Care Physician

Windsor and Zinberg Clinic

Medical Director for Health Care for the Homeless.

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Since December 2012, I have been advocating health education to the Haitian community on radio WNTN 1550 AM. This brief radio Health Education talk show is also streamed over the internet under the umbrella of UDH Services Inc. UDH is a non-profit organization that strives to promote education and reaches out to the Haitian community while supporting Haitian University students in their endeavors to participate in the annual Harvard National Model United Nations Conference.  I have done radio and TV shows over the years but at one point I had to stop due to the lack of funding. The Haitian radio that we are currently using is covering the New England Area including the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The name of the show is Health Corner and the goal is to address prevention, raise public awareness around primary care and empower the patients in order for them to be able to take better care of themselves. There have been a number of topics covered so far on the show such as: why one might need a primary care provider, why we suggest certain types of screening (such as mammography, pap smear, colonoscopy etc.), bone health, dental health, mental health and the importance of mental health assistance, obesity, and its consequences such as diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea. The topics covered on the radio show are chosen according to my experiences and what I’ve witnessed as a primary care provider. We have difficulty convincing patients to do cancer screening tests. They often miss appointments and it has been generally challenging for providers caring for Haitians  to meet the bench mark. Haitians tend to present very late and with advanced diseases. We are hoping that by doing this outreach and education we can reduce the healthcare disparity that exists when we compare the Haitian community to others. The newly arrived Haitian immigrants and the elderly patients are turning to the Haitian Media to get information all types of news including American or Haitian political news, and current events.  A large proportion of the audience is illiterate or have a low English proficiency. There is a lot of misinformation done by unqualified speakers. Patients at CHA Windsor Street Care Center often come to ask me about misinformation they hear in the media. Our role has been to clarify and provide them with accurate information so they can be properly informed. In the future I plan to invite other professionals who have already volunteered to participate in the show. So far we have lined up a pediatrician, a school teacher, a pharmacist, a nurse, and a case worker. Some additional topics that will be discussed include lifestyle changes, domestic violence, drug use, alcoholism, adherence to medical regimens, and ADHD in childhood and adulthood, among other things. The aim is for patients to become more engaged in their care.  I am planning to run focus groups for need assessment and to evaluate the effect of the work we are doing.

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