UDH Fundraising Affair

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UDH’s Fundraiser is the third fundraising event hosted by UDH’s Committee, a dynamic group of socially conscious people who have a passion for a weekly community radio show, “Kwen Santé” (Hearth Corner) hosted by Dr. Marie-Louise Jean-Baptist with assistance by other Haitian professional health care providers who have volunteered and participated in the project. These are physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, nurses, professor, and case workers in the Haitian community. This show is held every Saturday on WNTN 1550 AM from  9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The broadcast can also be found online at  www.wntn.com and also at  https://soundcloud.com/udhservices

Kwen Santé serves as a much needed health-centered forum for Haitian Americans. The show centers on discussions involving health issues, as well as tips on prevention.

You are invited to join our cause.

PS: If you cannot attend you can still contribute by submitting a secure online donation to support Health Corner through PayPal at: