UDH Gala 2014

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  1. Eric Virgal & Melanj Group

  2. Good Evening,

    Welcome to UDH’s first Fundraising Gala! We are delighted that so many of our friends, families and corporate partners are able to join us as we celebrate the continued work and outreach of UDH.

    Tonight is an opportunity for us to give thanks to the vision of Alix Siméon. Through his philanthropy and generosity of spirit, he has been able to build an organization that strives to ensure that students of Haiti have access to a proper education by providing them with the means and support needed to reach their goals. Over the past 3 years UDH has helped over 150 students by offering school supplies as well as financial and logistical assistance through various scholarship and mentorship programs.

    UDH is also very much committed to the Haitian American community of
    Massachusetts as it seeks to provide them with much needed health
    counseling and guidance through its weekly community radio show “Kwen Santé” (Health Corner).

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Vice-President, Dr.
    Jessie Brutus, as well as the members of the Committee who gave their heart and soul for tonight’s event to be a success. On behalf of the Board and
    myself, thank you for your dedication and commitment to the mission of this amazing organization.

    Our goal for tonight’s event is to raise awareness for the needs of Haitian
    students facing hardships – but yet determined to overcome obstacles
    preventing them from following the path to potential self-sufficiency and
    freedom through higher education.

    On behalf of the Board and our amazing Committee please join me tonight in celebrating the necessary and compelling work of our team at UDH.

    With deep gratitude,
    Dr. Marie Louise Jean-Baptiste
    Universities of Haiti (UDH)

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